Seated Kitten

“Seated Kitten” oil on panel 8×10″ thanks to Cherry Aron of for the photo ref I used as inspiration!

“Seated Kitten” oil on panel 8×10″ thanks to Cherry Aron of for the photo ref I used as inspiration!

My latest effort, this time a full body cat painting (not just the cat head! 😉 ). I really enjoyed painting this adorable kitten, but I fear I made him look a little older. I enjoyed capturing the warm and cool tones. It’s amazing how an orange cat can have so much blue and green in him!

There are details I see in this painting that make me want to fuss a little more. But as I always say with each new painting I finish—NEXT! It’s time to move on to the next one. That’s the joy of daily painting (or at least fast-quick-small painting). There’s always something else waiting to be painted!

With this painting I used an American Easel wooden panel, with a 7/8″ thick cradle. I chose the primed panel. (American Easel sells both primed and unprimed.) The texture of the panel was somewhat “canvasy” but it was subtle. I liked it, though felt that sometimes the panel surface didn’t “grab” onto the paint as much as I’d like. I didn’t want it to be super-absorbent (that is not conducive to good brushwork) but this felt like sometimes the paint strokes were wiping off, even when I didn’t want them to.

But this was a minor issue, mostly the surface was very nice to work with, and I think I got a serviceable painting out of it.

Well, now onto the NEXT ONE! I have a most bodacious orange cat to paint next. Hopefully I’ll complete that painting soon.

2 thoughts on “Seated Kitten

  1. Hi Jaqueline
    This is my cat. You have captured the expression I know so well. Many thanks xx

    1. Thanks so much, Elizabeth! What a gorgeous kitty! You tried to contact me on Paint My Photo, right? I tried to write back but it didn’t seem to go through. Thanks so much for sharing that photo. What a cute kitty!

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