Pretty Kitty

"Pretty Kitty" oil on 5x5" panel. Thanks to Lisa Martin of for the reference photo!
“Pretty Kitty” oil on 5×5″ panel. Thanks to Lisa Martin of for the reference photo!

This is such a remarkably beautiful kitty! I found the reference photo over on PaintMyPhoto and couldn’t resist painting this cat. It’s just a little painting, 5×5″ on an Ampersand Artist panel (with a slight “canvasy” texture). It’s got a dovetail slot in the back (which means you can hang the painting on the wall as-is, or frame it as usual). The panel has about 3/8″ thickness and the edges are painted with a complementary color. (It’s kind of like a “gallery wrap” canvas, except for this is a wood panel.)

This painting was my first effort painted with a whole new The Brush. Yes, I have discovered a new type of The Brush! (For more information on The Brush, read this post.) I ordered some nice sable brushes from Rosemary and Co. I chose a variety of different sables and sable blends, most of them “brights” (those squared off, shortish brushes). Well, my new The Brush is a #4 from Series 77 of Pure Sable. OH MY GOSH these are wonderful brushes! Firm and with a spring, but not too stiff. Very precise. The prices on these brushes (and shipping to the USA) is not that high, so I’m going to place another order for more Rosemary sable brights RIGHT NOW!!! I found a new The Brush! I’m going to try a slightly smaller size too (#4 is good, but I could also go a bit narrower).

I painted “Pretty Kitty” almost exclusively with the #4 Series 77, along with a Series 22 Pure Kolinsky Designer sable (not sure what size, but perhaps a #2) for details and also my signature.

Rosemary Brushes! Brush and paint porn!
Rosemary Brushes! Brush and paint porn!

2 thoughts on “Pretty Kitty

  1. Beautiful kitty! Thanks for the review on Rosemary’s brushes. I had ordered some mongoose brushes a while back from her after taking a workshop. I was very impressed, too!

    1. Thanks, Mary!

      Yes, they are very good brushes. I keep on hearing about them from other artists, and have a nice little collection of them (mostly mongoose, which are outstanding). I didn’t know much about their sables, but they are WONDERFUL! 😀

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