Big White Cat

"Big White Cat" 6x8" oil on canvas panel. Thanks to Farbenhexe of for the reference photo!
“Big White Cat” 6×8″ oil on canvas panel. Thanks to Farbenhexe of for the reference photo!

Words cannot express how much I loved painting this kitty! Big, proud, bodacious, this is some cat. A Mighty Fine cat. His whisker pads are something to behold. And look at the tufts of fur coming out from the tips of his ears! What a magnificent animal!

I enjoy painting white cats, or at least cats with significant acreage of white fur, because there’s so many colors to be found within. The white fur reflects the colors around the cat, and looking for the subtle shifts of color, changes from warm to cool, and attempting to capture that—it’s a lot of fun!

I used a Pintura Painting Panel for this painting. It’s touted as an archival panel, and has a very finely woven canvas. I enjoy the smoother texture for painting in this size.

2 thoughts on “Big White Cat

  1. do u sell the cat pictures and if so how much for the big white kitty or any of the other cat pics please???? By the way, i live in Canada. Do you ship there?

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your interest in my art! To answer your question, yes, I sell my paintings and I do ship to Canada. To buy the Big White Cat painting, check out this link (it’s my cat art page). Click on the picture of the white cat and you’ll be taken to the page where it can be bought on my online gallery. Other cat paintings can be bought through Daily Paintworks or Ugallery.

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