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“Windswept,” 8×8″ oil on linen panel. Thanks to BirdsistersStock on dA for the stock photo used as reference!

I liked the expression on this model, and the colors in the skin, so thought it would be an interesting study!

The color scheme in this painting seemed to be predominately green, and peach. I like this color combo and had a lot of fun mixing the colors. I messed with the reference photo a bit in Photoshop, pumped up some of the color, just to make it more interesting for myself.

The panel I used as Senso Linen Panel (available at Jerry’s Artarama) which has a clear acrylic primer on it. The bare linen showing through in the background was really fun! I loved that! I’m almost out of these panels and must get more!

I guess it’s also time to come clean and admit that I’m an addict—I’m using more and more of Charvin’s Fine (and Extra Fine) colors in my paintings. The “custom mixes” (usually the pastel colors, as well as other unusual mixes not available from other brands) work very well when working with portraits. One color I cannot live without any more is Charron Blue. I know, I know, it’s just Ultramarine and White, probably it’s very similar to “King’s Blue” (which is a custom mix available from many oil paint lines) but Charron Blue is special to me! Another must-have is Julia Pink. I’m also finding that Celadon is necessary. Who knows how many other custom mixes will end up on my palette?

But I guess that’s a subject for another post!

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