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Pretty & Fluffy Kitty

“Pretty & Fluffy Kitty” 6×6″ oil on linen panel.

And here is a post where I will rhapsodize about art materials.

But first, about the painting of the day, “Pretty & Fluffy Kitty.”

Such a lovely kitty! I barely started this painting the other day, to try out a new type of painting panel. (More on that panel later.) I didn’t do much work on it, and set it aside to dry.

Tonight at the studio, I decided I wanted to work some more on the kitty head. And things went better (and faster) than I anticipated, so I just stayed up late and finished the painting! I loved the colors in the kitty’s fur, the delicate pink nose, and the beautiful eyes. Such a lovely cat!

Okay, part of the reason I stayed up late to finish the painting was because I was downloading a “Star Trek” movie (Star Trek: First Contact, if you must know) on my studio computer, and my Internet connection (which I get through using a ‘mobile hotspot’ on my iPad) was s-l-o-w. So, during the wait to get all of Star Trek First Contact, I finished this kitty head! Time well spent. 🙂

And, on to talking about the painting surface. I used a new product from Jerry’s Artarama, Senso Linen All Media Panels. So far, I love them. Nice price, and I like the color of the linen showing through in the background. It also appears that the panels are made with “archival” qualities. (“Archival” is a popular term in art materials circles and it implies that the product is more durable, it won’t fall apart before its time.)

I’m an art materials junkie, and want to combine value and “archival” qualities. I know that we can’t guarantee that all materials will last forever, but why not try for something a little more durable, if the price is not too prohibitive? It sounds like these panels are nicely made.

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