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Fleeting Glance

“Fleeting Glance” 6×8″ oil on linen panel

Another day, another painting! 🙂

Again I use a “favorite” model, Jason Aaron Baca. (Photo reference credit: Photographer Portia Shao – Model: Jason Aaron Baca Mr. Baca has a plethora of stock photos on DeviantArt, available for artists to use as reference. So often his photos are fraught with drama and imagination, so I have used his stock several times and plan to use more!

With this photo, it was a photo of his figure (I think waist-up) but I found the expression on his face so arresting, as well as the dramatic lighting, that I thought I could make something of it. Really enjoyed working on this one.

Painted on an oil-primed panel by RayMar. (Love my Raymar panels!)

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