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Blue Dreads – oil on panel

Yep, another study from a stock photo I found on DeviantArt! This time it’s a fellow named This-is-RArt. I loved his blue dreadlocks.

Blue Dreads, 5×7″ oil on panel

I’m studying warm and cool tones, and how they relate to the portrait especially. After attending a workshop taught by Adam Clague, I have felt like something has “clicked” and I’m seeing things differently! It’s strange, because it’s not like I didn’t “see” before—I’ve been drawing and painting for a long time. But sometimes you need someone else to jolt you into viewing things in a new way. Adam’s teaching has done that.

This painting was used as another experiment. I bought some very low-end cheepie oil paints, Lukas Terzia. I have some artist friends who want to dip their toes into oil painting, but I can’t convince them to buy artist grade paints. So my curiosity was piqued. How “low” can I go? What is the quality of Terzia? We already know that the price can’t be beat, about $7-8 for a 200 mL tube. (Depending on what sales are going on.)

I found that IF I used a better white (at least Lukas Studio white, or preferably, something like Permalba White) then I could get by fine with Terzia. This painting is a testimony of that. I used all Terzia with the exception of the white, which was artist grade. While I definitely prefer my artist grade (Blue Ridge is a particular favorite), I can survive on Terzia if I have to. (Needless to say, I double-checked Terzia’s lightfastness ratings before painting with it. While most paints are rated to be sufficiently lightfast, it’s safer to always confirm this. I’m looking at you, Holbein . . . I don’t know why some of your paints are not very lightfast!)

I’m sticking Blue Dreads up on DailyPaintworks. I need to clear out studio space to make room for more paintings!

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