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“Exotic Simplicity.”

I don’t know where that title comes from. I need a name for a painting, and this will do.

Exotic Simplicity, oil on panel, 8×8 inches

I must credit Cathleen Tarawhiti, whose photograph I used as reference. She makes some of her photos available for “stock,” as a reference for artists, and I’ve got quite a few of her photos stored on my iPad.

A few weeks ago I was hanging out with some artist friends and wanted something to paint, so I pulled up a photo on my iPad and started this little study. I did most of it in one night.

The original photo is of a figure, but thanks to my iPad’s capabilities, I was able to zoooooom in and just look at her face. Maybe someday I’ll do a painting based on the full figure.

Until recently I printed out photos to use as reference, but was encouraged by some friends to work from a computer monitor. That wasn’t convenient, so instead I use an iPad. It’s working out great! And I needed an excuse to indulge in an iPad.

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