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Tabby Tabby Tabby

“Tabby, Tabby, Tabby” 6×6″ oil on Gessobord. Thanks to Axel Naud of flickr for his photo I used as reference. (His photo is available under a generic Creative Commons Attribution license.)

Finally! A new painting! It’s so nice to finally be back to painting. I missed it so much.

This painting differs a bit from Axel Naud’s reference photo—I gave the kitty a slightly longer face. I still think the painting looks okay, but Naud’s picture has such an adorable fat-faced kitty!

The eyes are so beautiful and green. I particularly enjoyed painting them. I also found the mixture of orange/brown fur and cool grey fur on the cat to be compelling. It was a lot of fun trying to capture the transitions from warm to cool tones!

Right now I’ve got about five more cat paintings in various stages of completion. I’m making up for lost time! I very much missed being away from painting and cannot express how wonderful it is to paint again.

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