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After another long absence, some updates, awards, etc

I have neglected this blog (as well as painting), but it hasn’t been without a reason.

Some old (but still exciting) news is that I got some recognition from the Art Muse Contest for April 2016. Thank you so much to the judge! I was a finalist in the “Emerging” category and also got the additional honor of being eligible for Gallery Representation. Pretty cool, and I am honored and thrilled!

“The Greek Artist” 12″ x 12″ oil on panel. Finalist in the Art Muse Contest! This is a portrait of a fellow artist who has strong Greek roots—a detail that brings him great pride! I snapped an impromptu photo of him while he was attending a figure drawing session. The photo made a good basis for a portrait.

“The Greek Artist” also got a “Fav 15%” from the Bold Brush awards, so that was also very cool.

There were a couple of other honors, and I need to update my “About Me” page to include them! This Spring was especially good to me.

And for other news… the last several months I’ve been quiet on this blog. I also haven’t posted any new paintings for sale on DailyPaintworks or UGallery for quite a while.

The reason for my absence of late is because I’m taking on a part-time caregiving role for a family member. This has been a big adjustment and sometimes difficult. Thankfully, I’ve finally managed to find some workarounds so I can paint again! I have a makeshift studio area which allows me to be accessible for caregiving, yet also have much more painting time. It’s been sublime! I’m working on four paintings simultaneously! Painting is such a joy!

While I anticipate being able to produce artwork with more regularity, it would not be wise for me to take on any commissions, as my schedule can be unpredictable and some deadlines might not be possible to meet.

Here’s one of my works in progress, a cat head painting (of course)! It needs some refining and details added and then it’ll be done!

“Tabby Cat Head,” 6×6″ oil on panel. WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!1!

I’m SO GLAD to be back with painting!

4 thoughts on “After another long absence, some updates, awards, etc

  1. Nice to see you back…still get lots of compliments on your Yosemite and Yellow tabby paintings…

    1. Chris! So nice to hear from you! Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying those paintings!

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