Kitten on a Blanket

“Kitten on a Blanket,” 8×10″ oil on panel. Thanks to LucieG-Stock of DeviantArt for the photo reference!

A slight deviation away from the cat heads, that I am so fond of painting. A full-length cat for a change!

This little kitten was so adorable, I couldn’t resist painting it! Such distinct markings, and beautiful coloring. And the sweetest face!

I’m continuing to work on loosening up my brush strokes. Not that I’m where I want to be, but am always trying.

I used a commercially gessoed wood panel with a coat of Holbein’s “Foundation” paint on top. (I used “Foundation Umber,” but Holbein sells white, grey, and green as well.) This paint has some lead in it, which makes for a wonderful, wonderful painting surface! There’s nothing quite like painting on lead-based oil-primed support. The paint glides on, but doesn’t slide around. It will wipe off nicely with a thinner-soaked rag, but the paint sticks when you need it to. It’s just fabulous.

I first got the idea for painting on lead-based primer from the great Richard Schmid. He touts it in his book “Alla Prima.”

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