Cat heads, cat heads, cat heads, & other updates

I’m very behind in posting my latest cat head paintings. This post will allow me to catch up!

“Smug Cat,” 8×8″ oil on linen panel.

Such an attitude! I loved painting this kitty. But then again, I always love painting the cat heads.

“Scottish Wildcat,” 6×8″ oil on canvas panel.

Something a little different for me, a “wild” cat, instead of a domestic (spoiled!) kitty!

Black and White and FLUFFY! 8×8″ oil on panel.

I just love fluffy kitties. There have been several fluffy (long hair) black and white kitties belonging to immediate family at times. These kitties were always “special.” There’s something about the black and white and fluffy ones, what can I say?

“Orange Tiger Kitty” 6×6″ oil on Gessobord panel.

This is the latest kitty. I couldn’t resist this one, such an adorable and VERY orange cat! Love the gorgeous turquoise-colored eyes as well!

What are the other updates? Let me think.

I’m planning on working in colored pencil (not that I intend to slow down on working in oils!). I always have loved colored pencils and it’s a medium that “travels” well and doesn’t require special solvents or mediums. Though it does need an especially good pencil sharpener!

I’m working on some larger portraits. Some of these will be entered in art shows and competitions. While I love painting the cat heads, I also consider myself a portrait painter and look forward to pursuing that.

Recently, some artist friends consented to pose for a series of photos, to be used as reference for some of these portraits. I got some very promising photos from this photo session and am already working on a painting.

I look forward to the rest of Summer and the Fall, as I think it will bring some exciting possibilities and opportunities! And, more cat paintings too, of course!

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