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His Royal Orangeness – in ACRYLIC

“His Royal Orangeness” 6×8″ acrylic on canvas panel.

He just seems so regal, and dare I say it, full of himself. (I’m only assuming this is a male cat. I’m not really sure!)

This was an experiment in acrylics. The dreaded…ACRYLICS. Okay, I exaggerate. I have been using acrylics since I was a teen; it’s not like it’s completely unfamiliar. But lately, I’ve been having trouble getting the kind of results in acrylics that I’ve come to enjoy with oils.

I’m currently enrolled in an online “Atelier” from the fabulous acrylic portrait artist, Chantel Barber. She’s given all of us students some good instruction so far, so I thought I’d do a little acrylics practice on my own.

I believe I’m starting to get into the groove with acrylics, but it’s far from “comfortable” for me. I don’t feel in control of it. However, I had an epiphany—I find that if I use broken color, that my results are better. A lot of broken color!

In this painting I let the texture of the canvas panel work for me. But I’m looking forward to using a smoother panel, like maybe a Gessobord, and seeing how I like that.

I don’t see myself switching over to acrylics full-time, but I think it’s important (for me) to have some alternatives to oils. There are circumstances where acrylics are more convenient to oils. (Sometimes it’s time constraints—the fast drying of acrylics is an asset. Other times it’s the fear others have of solvents of oils.)

Well, I hope that with some more practice, I’ll feel more comfortable with acrylics!


2 thoughts on “His Royal Orangeness – in ACRYLIC

  1. You’ve captured his expression beautifully. and Yes, he must be a guy. (Actually most orange cats are.) I don’t think I’d want to displease him!

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