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With a Black Spot on His Nose – Cat Head

“Black Spot on Nose” 6×6″ oil on Ampersand panel. Thanks to Christine Sniadach at PaintMyPhoto for the picture I used as reference!

This white kitty was so adorable and all the colors in his fur were fascinating to try to capture. This is a slightly different pose for me, as I often paint just the head of the cat. (I call these paintings my Cat Head Paintings.) Well, this is still a Cat Head, but we have some paws and some indication of a body. Woo hoo, I’m moving outside my comfort zone! 😉

I’m always trying to get looser with the brush strokes and sometimes my attempts at this are easier than at other times. I see passages in this painting where the brush strokes are a little more loosely rendered, and that’s a good thing. But I still have more practice in this area ahead of me, I believe!

I also enjoyed painting the pink ears.

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