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Cat in Silhouette & Pink Ribbon

Here are two “new” paintings that are actually old paintings that I finally decided to finish up and post online!

“Cat in Silhouette” 6×6″ oil on Gessobord. Thanks to Malleni-Stock for the stock photo used as inspiration!

I liked this very simple cat portrait—just the silhouette, with a little light touching the sides of the body, and the tip of the tail. It’s that tip of the tail that really catches my eye. I fussed with this painting off and on, and finally decided that simple was best, put a fork in it, it is done!

“Pink Ribbon” 8×8″ oil on panel.

This second painting is a portrait of fellow artist Pavina. She sometimes models for our art / drawing groups, and during some of these modeling sessions I took a series of photos of her. This little oil sketch uses one of these photos.

I put the painting aside for a few months, and almost forgot about it. Then Pavina came for a visit to the studio, and was interested in buying a painting. And as I was pawing through my stack of paintings, there was her portrait, as if it was waiting all this time, just for her!

I still feel the need to tweak the painting somewhat, so next time Pavina visits my studio, she’ll be bringing the painting so I can “fix” a few spots!

It was tough to try to get the pink in her hair and her clothes PINK enough! But I tried my best.

One thought on “Cat in Silhouette & Pink Ribbon

  1. Just discovered you. I love your work, especially your cats. I am assuming you must own cats to know them so well. I have had cats all through my life, but right now it is dogs.
    one question I have for you, do you always use the same palette whether it be for cats or human portraits? and what medium do you use.
    I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, formerly of NYC. I paint figures, still life and now I’m painting animals, or actually studying animals and anatomy.
    Your cats have given me so much pleasure to look at….wish I had a cat right now for you to paint, however I have two big and rowdy dogs at this time.

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