Proud Orange Cat

“Proud Orange Cat” 6×8″ oil on panel. Thanks to Inge Dagmar Manders of for the reference photo used as inspiration for this painting.

This is my first painting using a photo ref from They’ve got some lovely photos over there of kitties! This is “Tigga,” the Grand Old Gentleman. And a mighty find old orange kitty he is indeed!

It’s so nice to be back to painting kitties. I do love painting the cat heads, and have another kitty head painting in the works. I’m always trying to refine my painting techniques, and in this painting I was working on making the brushwork a little looser in spots.

I’ve been continuing to dabble with WMOs (water mixable oils) and feel like I’m making real headway with them. I don’t see switching over to them full time, though, but I think with a bit of fiddling and learning “the rules” (which I talk about in a previous post) they can be do-able. But then, so can Turpenoid Natural or simple walnut oil (or other oil) if one needs to go solvent-free.

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