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Tabby Cat Head

Another cat head! I love painting the cat heads.

This one was done on an 8×8″ panel, a little bit bigger than what I’ve done recently. But it was so much fun! There’s a lot to see in the markings of this beautiful cat—a variety of warm and cool tones, textures, and colors. Who knew that a plain ol’ tabby cat could be so complex? But he (she?) is.

“Tabby Cat Head” 8×8″ oil on panel.

With this painting I used a panel by Art Boards, a maple panel with a “dovetail slot” on the back. This slot allows you to hang the painting onto a nail without framing. Or, you can ignore the slot entirely and frame the painting as you would with any other panel or stretched canvas. I gessoed the panel with some acrylic primer (commonly known as “gesso”) and tried to make some slight texture in the panel with my gesso brush. It’s not an excessive amount of texture, but kind of fun!

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