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Some Cat Heads

I like painting the cat heads.

B&W Cat Head, oil on panel, 4×4″

I’m a “cat person” and have been enjoying painting these series of cat heads. I had a lot of fun capturing the various whites and greys in this B&W kitty’s face. The subtle colors found in the white fur, the shadows of the fur, was a challenge that I enjoyed very much.

Thanks to azaleapoena on dA for the stock photo I used as reference!

Grey CAT HEAD, 5×5″ oil on panel.

This one looks a bit grumpy or sour. An alternate title might be “Glowering Grey Cat Head.” I enjoyed finding the various greys (warm and cool greys, dark and light greys) in the cat’s coat. Thank you to nickistock of dA for the use of the photo for reference!

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