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Looking to the Future – oil painting

SummitArt (the local art organization I belong to) has informed members that there’s an upcoming art show at a local university, exclusively for members of Summit-Art. We’re all encouraged to submit some artwork to the show, so here’s what I did. I don’t know if it’ll be accepted to the show, but I had to make the effort!

“Looking to the Future,” 16×20 inches, fast-drying oils on panel.

Many thanks to DeviantArt photographer and model Ursa-Tal for allowing me to use one of his photos as a reference. He has been so encouraging and enthusiastic about this painting. What a great model! Thanks, Kevin!

I didn’t try to get a perfect likeness of the model; I was aiming more for a “feel” and changed quite a few things around. That’s part of the fun of being an artist—to tweak things to fit our own vision.

This photo doesn’t really properly represent the painting. Everything is just . . . off a bit. Yes, the background is RED, very RED, but it doesn’t look quite the way it does in the photo. I usually scan all my art (since I often do smaller works that will fit under the scanner) but at 16×20″, this one was too big to scan, so I used my digital camera. The camera has done fine in photographing other works, but this time . . . not so much. It must have been the time of day that I tried to take the photo or something. Will try again.

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