An Apple, and Alkyds

My absence from this blog should not be interpreted to mean that I haven’t been painting! I’ve got several new works lined up, as well as other things, art-related, going on.

“Apple” 6×8″ oil on panel. Painted from life.

This was painted a few days ago, from a simple still life setup at my studio. I painted with fellow artist Diane, who has previously worked mostly from acrylics and wants to get into oils. Continue reading “An Apple, and Alkyds”


Still Life with Tangerines in oils

I haven’t painted any still lifes since college, in Drawing 2 class and the beginning watercolor class. I don’t know why I didn’t do more of them. They’re totally fun and very challenging too!

I did this painting in one evening and touched it up after it dried. I didn’t know if I’d be able to paint the plastic bottle well, but I think it turned out okay! But definitely, still lifes are tough and excellent practice for the artist looking to improve their drawing, color, and observational skills.


Click on thumbnail to see larger picture. “Still Life with Tangerines,” 6×6″ on cradled panel.