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Mini Tabby miniature painting (2 x 2 inches)

Close up cat portrait in oils, 2x2 inches, by J Dunster
“Mini Tabby” oil on gessoed panel, 2 x 2 inches

Yes, another cat painting! I decided to go small again, and recently completed this tiny kitty portrait in oils. As I mentioned in a previous post, I love Trekell’s mini painting panels, which was what I used here. The texture on the painting surface is far smoother than the other mini 2×2″ canvas panels on the market.

Photo for scale, showing size of cata painting compared to an iPhone.
For scale: The little painting next to an iPhone SE.

I can complete a painting this small in a relatively short amount of time, but in this case, I thought I had “finished” the painting but then changed my mind and did a little more work on it a few days later. Sometimes artists need to get some distance from recently finished art to see if there is anything else that needs a little work, and that was the case here. What also surprised me was how I was able to add far more details than I expected on something of this size, which is a good thing!

This painting is currently available for sale on DailyPaintworks.

I’m currently working on several more cat paintings and also just started another portrait from my “Novela series.” It feels so, so SO good to be back to painting!