j dunster fine art

mister stinky

"Mister Stinky," 8x8" oil on panel. In a private collection.

Close-up Tabby
siamese cat
orange kitty
Contented Tabby
big green eyes

tabby cat head

I love painting kitties. Here are some examples of my cat paintings. To see these in better detail, click on each image and you will be taken to the page for the painting on DailyPaintworks (where I sometimes sell my artwork). Some of these cat paintings are for sale, some have already been sold.

I also sell my work through the online gallery UGallery. This is a more "elite" type of gallery where I will be selling larger, more finished works. (The prices reflect that.)

To commission me to do a cat painting (my prices are very affordable, PayPal accepted) please contact me using the blog's contact form.


"Can you paint from a photo?"

Yes, I do this a lot! The photo should be clear, with good lighting and a pose that is flattering and not awkward. We can discuss together which photo would be the best to use.

"Can you paint me and my cat?"

I love to do portraits of people as well as cats, so, sure! This is something that can be discussed.

"What are your prices?"

This will vary on size and complexity. I have plenty of smaller paintings that are in the $50-100 range on DailyPaintworks. DailyPaintworks has my less expensive, smaller studies, while Ugallery will have larger, more ambitious, higher-priced paintings that take longer to complete. RIght now I'm what you'd call an "emerging" artist (that means I'm not famous!) and so my prices are low-ish compared to many others.

What does it cost for you to paint my cat?

Again this will vary, depending on several factors. My commission prices (to do a custom portrait of a particular cat, not just any cat) will be about 50% more than my regular paintings. To give an example, if I am selling a small 6x6" painting of a cat (just any cat) for $63, a commissioned portrait of your cat, at the same canvas size, might be $94. The higher price is explained by the extra time and care it takes to do a custom portrait, the back-and-forth working with the client to make sure they are happy with the finished painting.

Where are you located?

I'm in the USA. I will charge only actual shipping charges plus insurance when mailing paintings in the USA. I ship to Canada, and overseas to a few countries (Europe, Australia, New Zealand) and will try to keep the shipping costs down as much as possible, but they will include insurance.

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